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So here are our favourite useful digital and social media marketing websites and real-life resources:

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Best Google Resources

Google is a behemoth of the World Wide Web, and so well worth understanding… Fortunately, Google also provide a lot of great (and free) information on the Internet.

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a common, comprehensive and free website analytics tool. At an absolute minimum, we recommend installing it in your website to track activity. Data can only be tracked from the time it is installed, so it is best to install it as soon as possible, whereby allowing you to look back, when you need.

Understand Google Analytics with free online courses from the Google Analytics Academy.

Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is Google’s online advertising – or search engine marketing – tool, comprised of text ads, display ads and remarketing, across Google’s search engine results and partner networks and websites.

By signing up to Google Partners program and passing 2 Google Adwords exams (and a couple of other criteria) you can become a certified Google Partner. Partner program aside, this is a great resource for better understanding how to use Adwords.

Google Search Console:

Get event MORE data by signing up and verifying your website with Google Search Console, and link it with your Analytics account for comprehensive data tracking.

Google Tag Manager:

Google Tag Manager is an insanely useful tool that allows you to easily manage multiple tags from a single login (tag manager). Tags include Google Analytics, Google Remarketing, Facebook Conversion Pixels and more.

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Best Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Resources

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the method of identifying the key terms (phrases) that web users are searching to locate your business and/or services, and subsequently using those terms to structurally enhance your website to increase and convert traffic. SEO is either organic or algorithmic, and works predominantly by searching headings, body content, html code, and images to give a site a greater web presence.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a paid online advertising strategy (Google AdWords) that is used to enhance brand exposure via advertising on search engine results pages. A collaborative SEO and SEM approach is an extremely powerful and cost effective method of increasing relevant site traffic, in turn increasing brand exposure.

Google provide some great resources outlining and dispelling common SEO myths:

Useful SEO Tools:

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WordPress Content Management System

There is a multitude of different types of Content Management Systems (CMS) that allow non-developers to manage their own websites and content.

One common CMS, that Scout use frequently is WordPress.

Please note, we use the software, which is different to the solution. is hosted by WordPress, and so does not require your own website hosting. It is a useful solution for simple sites, but also offers limited functionality. uses the same base content management system, but is independent software that is installed on independent website hosting, and allows much for customisation and functionality than

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Domain Registration

Operating a professional, independent website requires:

Website design and development code (for example, using a content management system software)

  • Website hosting (to house your website files)
  • Domain registration (a friendly domain name to point to your website)
  • DNS hosting (Domain Name Server hosting to manage the pointing of your domain name to your website hosting, required to connect the two)

It is essential to determine exactly what website, domain and DNS requirements are relevant for your situation.

Yes there ARE cheap options, but these may have limitations. It is important to discuss these openly with your website developer or manager.

There are many reliable options (that are also affordable). One that we recommend is: Crazy Domains

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Business Tools

Good quality, relevant business tools are invaluable for keeping your business running smoothly, and improving productivity.

Like all tools, the right one must be right for your specific situation.

Here are some that we have previously, or currently use, and recommend:

Best Business Books

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File Storage and Management

We are creating more content and files than ever before, accessing them from more devices, so good cloud-based file storage is essential.

Here’s what we recommend:

But remember, find what works for your situation.

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Social Media Tools

Personally, we prefer using the native features within social media networks, but the reality is sometimes you need other tools to help manage, schedule or measure.

Here are our favourites:

  • Sprout Social an incredibly comprehensive management, scheduling and reporting tool (paid plans only)
  • HootSuite an incredibly comprehensive management, scheduling and reporting tool (free and paid plans available)
  • Buffer scheduling tool
  • Schedugram Instagram scheduling tool (use this link, or add scoutdigital when registering and receive a $5 account credit)
  • OnlyPult Instagram scheduling tool (personally I have not used this one, but it comes highly recommended by someone I trust)
  • Repost for Instagram (to easily re-share other user’s content, with their details included):
  • Tweetoot a Twitter app that I prefer to the native Twitter app

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Privacy Act

There are very specific rules regarding the collection and use of personal data, especially how it relates to email and SMS marketing.

Make sure you know about them and are prepared:

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Email Marketing Systems

There are a swag of various email marketing systems available for the creation, sending, scheduling and reporting of HTML and text-based bulk email, however it is important to use a reputable system, and verify your email sending domain to give your emails the best chance of being delivered through spam filters etc.

These are the email marketing systems we use and recommend:

Campaign Monitor also have a very useful blog and share great tips in their own email marketing campaigns.

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SMS (Text Messaging) Tools

SMS or text message marketing may be relevant to your business, but like with email marketing, permission is required.

Here are some tools we use and recommend:

  • SMS Broadcast Australian-based, great rates
  • Twilo: which integrates with WordPress and other websites to provide useful notifications for form submissions etc

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Online copyright

While it may seem like you can share whatever you like online, you can’t… make sure you understand copyright laws:

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Image Resources and Tools

As mentioned above, you can’t just use any old image you find for your own purposes. You need to have purchased it (with suitable usage rights), have permission, or have created it yourself. Make sure you understand the copyright laws, and provide attribution where relevant.

Here are some useful resources for purchasing, finding and editing images:

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Other Nifty Resources

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Digital Marketing Detox

Want to review and refresh your Digital or Social Media Marketing Strategy? Check out:

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Digital and Social Media News Websites

Many of these sites have Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts and regular emails that help deliver digital and social media information to you.

And don’t forget to check out the Scout Digital Marketing blog!

Also Social Media News provide monthly updates of social media statistics for Australia:

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