Favourite {internet} things – Jeffries

These are a few of our favourite {internet} things…

One of the greatest fears we hear from businesses is that they “won’t have enough to post about” on their social media channels… Then when we speak with them, we learn so much about them that would make incredibly interesting social media updates!

Sometimes people are too close to their own goings-on and find it normal and commonplace. However your “normal” is often someone else’s “wow! I didn’t know/have never seen/had no idea about that!”

One organisation who understands this is Jeffries.

Jeffries are a South Australian business who produce and sell compost, soil and mulch. But you’ll rarely – if ever – see them selling their products on their Facebook Page… instead, they share a wide range of updates about what comes of their products with gardening tips and results etc.

They also have a great series of regular posts called: “101 things not to put in your green bin”. These updates are photos of items found in the green waste Jeffries collect to manufacture their products from. It’s an interesting behind-the-scenes look at situations we wouldn’t otherwise know about, that also serve to educate the community.

So, what can you take away from this?

  • Look around your organisation for the “normal” situations that you can share with your audience; and
  • Can it be made into a regular update? Series of regular updates create familiarity with your audience and can be easier to plan, like quotes.

What regular series of updates would work for your organisation?

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