Media: ‘Girl Scouts’ fill digital skills gap

A short article about Scout Digital Training appeared in the Business section of yesterday’s edition of The Advertiser (page 47).

In case you missed it, you can read it below.

‘Girl Scouts’ fill digital skills gap

A group of Adelaide women have combined their skills and experience to help more businesses develop their digital and social media offerings.

Scout Digital Training was launched this year by Erica Stacey with three other leading digital marketers – Jen Evison, Petra Manos and Fiona Blinco.

Together, the four have been working with organisations like RAA, SA Museum, Novita in areas such as email marketing, social media marketing, analytics and search engine optimisation.

Ms Stacey, who attended Google’s Mobile Sites Academy Bootcamp, said there was a “skills gap” that many marketers and businesses had regarding technology.

“While many businesses are investing in software and tools to better manage their businesses an marketing, the skills to make best use of these weren’t always being developed,” she said.

“We are fortunate to now have not only more opportunities to learn and digital and development skills, but also more opportunities to use them with the rapid technological advances that are occurring across a range of industries.”

She said businesses can’t escape the necessity to embrace digital skills.

To learn more about our digital training offerings, visit Scout Digital Training.

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