About Scout


Erica Stacey (nee Nistico)

Digital Marketer, Top Scout

I am an Adelaide based digital marketer, strategist, SEO specialist and digital trainer, providing specialised digital marketing services to a number of high calibre businesses and organisations.

Despite my vast array of digital marketing skills, I am a specialist in:

  • comprehensive and long term digital strategies
  • websites: strategy, creation, development, optimisation, implementation and management
  • search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • online advertising (with a focus on Google Adwords) and SEM
  • social media marketing
  • analytics and data evaluation and reporting

As an industry leader and digital strategy professional, I have established a well serving reputation amongst my peers and clients. This has afforded me to become selective with the clients I commit to working with, ensuring outstanding results and consistent successful vision via my practical digital marketing approach.

I am known to be results based with powerful solutions, whilst laying solid foundations and implementing the most effective core marketing channels, with a long term approach in mind.

“Erica is a great listener, a talented problem solver, and her ideas, implementation and ongoing support are just what a digital novice (or experienced-but-distracted manager) needs to stay relevant and in-touch in the fast-changing world.”

Troy Forrest, Managing Director, Strategy Road Pty Ltd

Who I work with

With any client, I am acutely focussed on developing an effective digital presence through an ongoing, long term strategy and plan to manage, measure and improve online marketing and communications. Mainly, my clients subsist of larger organisations with dedicated marketing budgets and resources that are committed to achieving results over a longer period of time. Scout Digital Marketing works predominantly with B2B clients, particularly in the technology and construction industries across Adelaide and South Australia.

Scoutsourced (n): when my clients view me as an autonomous extension of their business.

My professional history

I began my professional studies and career as a graphic designer, evolving to managing a graphic design studio, then web design studio, before stepping up to a digital strategist, where I feel most contented and able to affect the most change. Following nearly ten years of working for a number of studios and agencies, I saw the opportunity to work independently, collaborating with relevant partners to create teams and solutions to suit a variety of client needs.

In addition to being a Google Analytics and AdWords certified professional, I’ve recently completed an intensive coding bootcamp with the Institute of Code to ensure my understanding of how websites are built and work.

I am a practical, strategic thinker who works in a long term capacity with my valued clients, developing a tailored strategy that harnesses the most relevant digital marketing components to help achieve their goals.

I have presented at:

  • SATIC Tourism Conference (South Australian Tourism Industry Council)
  • #SMDayADL (Social Media Day Adelaide)
  • Strategy Roadworthy
  • Connecting Up (webinars and workshops)

and more.

Whether you’re seeking business transformation, success or to surpass your competitors, Scout Digital Marketing is at the forefront of the industry.

Contact me

Given my regular training courses and stable of long term clients, I have limited capacity to take on new projects. However, if you would like to:

Contact me about a project, presentation or training opportunity, you can do so here.

Find out about my regular digital training courses here.

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